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Under the global epidemic, textile companies are facing another round of shutdown!

April 21, 2020

Latest company news about Under the global epidemic, textile companies are facing another round of shutdown!

Since there have been no new orders after the delivery of the orders has been completed, most textile grey fabric companies are currently facing another round of production suspension after the impact of the new crown epidemic.


It is understood that most of the companies that normally resumed driving this year postponed production. Most of these companies post-holiday production before the holiday. Most companies did not anticipate the impact of the post-holiday epidemic. They did not want to cancel a large number of orders after the holiday or adjust them for unlimited extension. Only parking for delivery. At the end of February and early March, epidemics of new crowns broke out in many regions of the world, especially in Europe and the United States. The spread of circulation and the closure of foreign trade have hindered the circulation of the entire textile market.


Analysts in the industry believe that many small and medium-sized textile companies rely on orders to make a living. At present, the international community is focused on fighting the epidemic. Closing the circulation and closing the country's doors is the first blow to the import and export of foreign trade products. When will the epidemic be eliminated? When to open it will vary from country to country and it will be difficult to unify. The main body of China's textile industry is foreign trade, and the epidemic situation of major textile trading nations such as Europe and the United States cannot be estimated, which makes the normal production and sales of the textile industry associated with it distant, and even if circulation transactions resume, what will the consumer market look like? The impact of the economic structural adjustment after the epidemic on the textile industry is also difficult to predict. Now, the anxiety in the industry is not only the price of cotton, but also the expectation of orders, so that companies can turn around as soon as possible.


At present, a group of cotton-related textile enterprises will stop working again. It is expected that more than half of the cotton-related enterprises will be suspended from April to May. Relevant persons have judged that if the small factory mainly engaged in order-making stops recently, it is unlikely to resume work in the first half of the year, because they may continue to operate after the start-up of enterprises that consume yarn and cloth, such as clothing and home textiles. Even large state-owned textile enterprises also face the impact of the shutdown of foreign markets and the adjustment of market elements after the epidemic. After all, textiles are different from grain and oil products. Consumption restraints and variables are relatively large. The trend after the epidemic is not optimistic. The sudden changes in the current futures market and the phenomenon of enterprises shutting down are confirming this fact. Of course, the epidemic has no borders. Although this kind of global catastrophe has its impact points, it will not cause the destruction of human economy and society. No matter how bad the situation is, we must keep, stabilize, and stand up. What can survive is good.

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